7 Stages of Dementia Disease

Stage 6: Severe Cognitive Decline (Agnosia and Delusions)

At this stage, the memory disorder progresses, major changes in personality are seen, and the patient needs significant help in normal activities of daily living, and the following symptoms are seen:

  • Little awareness of recent experiences and events and the surrounding environment
  • Can’t completely remember their background, but usually, remember their name
  • Sometimes forget the names of spouse or major caregiver, but usually, can distinguish the faces of acquaintances and strangers
  • Need help in proper clothing. Without supervision, nightwear may be layered on daytime clothes, or shoes may be worn on the wrong side.
  • The normal sleep/wake cycle may be disturbed
  • Need help in using the toilet (flush after use, proper use, and disposal of tissue)
  • Increased frequency of urinary and valve incontinence
  • Significant changes in personality, such as suspicion and delusions, hallucinations (hearing sounds that are not real), tearing off tissue paper, etc. Behavioral symptoms such as compulsive or repetitive behavior
  • Often wander around and get lost [6]