10 Best Brain Food for Memory and Brain Health


The brain is one of the biggest and most complex organs of the body; it consists of billions of nerves that communicate via connections called synapses. The brain is protected by a layer of tissue called meninges and the skull. The brain controls the voluntary and involuntary activities of the body, it requires adequate amount of oxygen to function. It also controls the heartbeat, controls the actions of the lungs, sends information to muscles and bones to facilitate movement, and controls thoughts and emotions. An organ with so much control and importance must be kept in a very healthy state to enhance its maximum function.

The brain is an organ that depends a lot on energy gotten from the food we eat; it consumes about 22% of the calories in the body, so inadequate consumption of diets that provide energy for the body depletes the function of the brain.

The meals we consume have a great effect on the capacity and health of the brain; specific foods help boost the long-term and short-term functions of the brain. Here, we will be discussing the ten best brain foods and how they are of great importance to the brain.