Impact of Stress on Seizures

Your body’s response to a demanding circumstance is stress. The right amount of stress can be beneficial. It can give you a boost of energy to finish your project or assist you stay out of harm’s way.

However, when stress levels are high, it can result in a variety of issues, including seizures.

This stress may have an even greater impact on those who suffer epilepsy or seizures than just on their mental health. They might even be more likely to experience seizures as a result of it.

Keep reading this article to learn how stress can trigger seizures and possible ways to prevent them.

Why do some people experience more seizures under stress

There is no one type of seizure that is recognized as a “stress seizure”; seizures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But many different forms of seizures might be brought on by stress.

Since everyone feels stress differently, it might be difficult to estimate how many people suffer seizures that are brought on by stress, yet stress is the most common self-reported event that happens before a seizure.