10 Home Remedies for Dry Cough


A cough is often accompanied by a sore throat. In this case, rinsing is an excellent way to improve your condition. They can be done up to 10 times a day.

What to gargle with? The simplest remedies are water with soda or salt (1 tsp for 1 cup of water) or with iodine (3-4 drops for 1 cup of water).  Although it seems relatively simple, a gargle of water and salt can help to relieve cough by a bacterial infection, as it works as a bactericide. [3]

Also for these purposes, they use lemon juice, beet juice with vinegar, carrot juice with honey, and numerous herbal decoctions: chamomile, eucalyptus, licorice, calendula, mother-and-stepmother, etc.


With a wet cough, difficult expectoration, and discomfort in the chest during coughing, compresses will help alleviate these symptoms.

Alternatively, compresses can aslo be made from grated boiled potatoes (mashed potatoes), or from honey, mustard powder, and radish juice in other cases. You can wears a warm scarf with a hot compress or gauze tightly tied in the chest area.

Among the compresses, there are also known ways to spread the patient’s chest with warm vegetable oil and liquid honey.