10 Home Remedies for Dehydration


Dehydration describes a situation where your body has much less body fluid than it typically requires. This may be due to an increased loss of body fluids or simply not taking enough fluids. Hot weather, intense physical activity that induces sweating, diarrhea, and vomiting are among the most common causes of dehydration.

According to Mayo Clinic [1], the recommended daily fluid intake for men is 124 fluid ounces and 92 fluid ounces for women. Athletes and people who work or live in hot environments need to take more water than the recommended amount to compensate for increased water loss.

Loss or inadequate consumption of water is the most common reason dehydration happens. Water is arguably the most critical compound we take in. We cannot survive for long without it. The cells, tissues, and organs start to shut down or malfunction when there’s too little water in the body. This can lead to life-threatening complications and induce shock.

Most dehydration is mild and can be treated without medical supervision. Severe cases may require medical attention or hospitalization. This article explores ten different remedies you can use to treat dehydration without going to the hospital. Read on to find out.