Causes and Factors of Diverticulosis

Causes of Diverticulosis

Low Fiber Diet

Low fiber intake is a diet characterized by eating little or no foods containing fiber. Low fiber consumption causes the stool to be hard, small, thin, and difficult to pass, which would then begin to put a lot of pressure within the colon. It is this pressure that causes the bulging pouches, that is, diverticula. A diet containing a lot of fiber would keep the stools soft and easy to pass. It would also help prevent inflammation.

Examples of foods rich in fiber include brown and wild rice, whole-wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, fruits (such as apples and bananas), whole grain cereals, and vegetables (such as corn, broccoli, and carrots). Inclusion of these forms of foods in your diet would not only prevent or treat diverticulosis, but it would also do a lot of good to your general health.