10 Home Remedies for a Clogged Ear

What Is Clogged Ears?

As the name suggests, clogged ears occur when a blockage develops in either the ear canal or the Eustachian tube, a portion of the middle ear that attaches to the pharynx.  In order to choose the finest home remedies for you, it’s critical to pinpoint the particular cause of your plugged ears.

The accumulation of wax in the ear canal is one potential reason why your ears are blocked. Wax is normally removed by your ears on their own, but occasionally wax can be forced farther into the ear, where it hardens and creates an obstruction.

The Eustachian tube in your middle ear, specifically, might develop mucus or fluid buildup. When your body is dealing with allergies, a cold, a sinus infection [1], or when water seeps into your ears while swimming or taking a bath, this can happen naturally.

Additionally, you might get ear congestion with a sudden, large change in altitude, such as while flying or scuba diving. Technically, a clog is not to blame for this; instead, an imbalance in air pressure between your environment and your middle ear is to blame. However, the signs and symptoms might be extremely similar and unpleasant.

These home remedies can help you clear your ears, no matter what the source of the obstruction may be.