12 Effective Earwax Removal Home Remedies

Do you feel a sticky, waxy kind of substance in your ears? Do you feel uncomfortable in your ears? Well, these are mostly caused by accumulation of earwax in the ear.

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is produced in the ear canals. Its presence in the right quantity is normal and healthy. In large quantities, earwax may accumulate to cause discomfort, and in some cases cause temporary deafness. Earwax plays significant roles in aiding hearing. So, you do not need to remove them. You can try out home remedies, such as irrigation to help reduce accumulation. Studies show that people who remove their ear wax regularly are more likely to experience damage to their ear canal.

Accumulation of earwax in the ear can have severe side effects, and in some cases, impede hearing. You can try over-the-counter earwax drainage products to remove excess earwax. Various home remedies may also help remove excess wax in your outer ear.

Excess ear wax production in your ears, which is secreted from the cerumen glands in the outer parts of the ear canal can occur in anybody. Earwax is formed by cerumen and keratin found in sweat, dead skin cells, and the skin oil or sebum.

Excess production of ear wax may clear on its own. However, in severe cases, you may have to contact your doctor before trying home remedies. Doctors recommend staying away from certain techniques done at home such as using ear candling or cotton swab. Home remedies that help remove excess ear wax may push the cerulean further into the ear and cause blockage.

Earwax can be classified into wet and dry earwax. The type of earwax present in your ear is determined by inheritance. Studies show that wet wax in the ear is common in Western Europe. Dry wax on the other hand is more common in Asia.

Excessive accumulation of wax in your ear canal can result in discomfort and impair your hearing. In most cases, it usually becomes harder to remove the hard or dry wax from your ears with time. On the other hand, softer ear wax is always easy to remove. Most home remedies for removing ear wax involve softening your hard ear wax so it can be easily removed.

This article will discuss 12 home remedies for removing earwax in the ear. Continue reading to learn more on earwax

Should You Clean Your Ears?

A 2018 study of 206 college-aged students showed that a large number of them practiced ear-cleaning. About 75% of them believed that the practice was healthy and beneficial for their ears. Contrary to this belief, you don’t really need to clean earwax out of your ears. Earwax is not dirt. It serves numerous purposes in the ear. For example, it helps lubricate and protect your ears. It prevents and reduces the risk of ear infections, because it has antibacterial effects.

The risks associated with removing earwax are more than the benefits. Studies show that 60% of cases of irritation in the ear canal occur due to the usage of cotton swab to clean out earwax. In some cases, the cotton swab may even puncture your eardrums.

It is important to note that when you clean out earwax in your ear using an object you’re pushing the earwax deeper into your ears, which can eventually cause earwax blockage.

Let’s take a look at 12 effective home remedies for removing excess earwax.