What Causes Headaches?

Headache is a pain in the head caused by a reaction in the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. It may last for a few minutes up to several hours. Research has shown that there are more than a hundred and fifty types of headaches, with the common ones, including tension, migraine, and compression headaches. [1]

Here are ten common headache triggers: [2]

Alcohol Intake

Alcohol intake causes vasodilation, which reduces muscle contractions in the blood vessels; thereby, increasing blood flow to the brain, which may trigger headaches. Ethanol in alcohol has also been said to trigger migraine-inducing chemicals, making it sensitive to people that are prone to headaches. It is also a diuretic substance, causing dehydration and headaches. [3]

Excess alcohol intake a day prior may cause you to wake up with a hangover migraine coupled with nausea and light sensitivity. This feeling may last up to three days after taking alcohol. Alcohol-induced migraines vary in people depending on the state of their health before drinking. If you suffer from chronic headaches, identifying and avoiding triggers can greatly improve your quality of life. Learning about the symptoms of alcohol-induced headaches is helpful to determine whether to drink or not.