Home Remedies for Kidney Stones


Kidney stones, also known as renal stones, are hard mineral waste materials that build-up in the kidney and clump into crystals. These crystals or stones may cause obstructions in the urinary system and can be very painful to pass out, sometimes resulting in bleeding. There are many types of kidney stones but calcium oxalate is the most common.

Kidney stones are a common health problem [1] that often present back or abdominal pain, bloody urine, and vomiting as symptoms. Many people do not even realize they have a kidney stone until the stone makes its way into the ureter.

The build-up of crystals in the kidney is often caused or aggravated by poor hydration. Sadly, this problem is likely to recur [2] in people who have had it in the past.

Treatment can be through medication or diet modification. Fortunately, not all kidney stones require a doctor’s attention. Most cases can be treated at home using simple remedies. Some of these home remedies include: