Emotional Blunting – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and More

What Is Emotional Blunting?

Every individual differs from another in different ways. Expressing emotions may vary from one individual to another. Some individuals are able to fully express their emotions while some have difficulty expressing emotions. These difficulties may be due to several reasons.

Emotional blunting is the inability of a person to feel happy or sad in situations that require any of the emotions. When an individual is not able to laugh in funny or happy situations and is also not able to cry in sad occurrences, the individual is referred to as emotionally blunt. This condition is not genetic or a specific mental health disorder but can be a sign of other major mental disorders such as depression or PTSD.

Emotional blunting causes a feeling of numbness, dullness, indifference and lack of sensitivity emotionally. In this article, the various causes, how this condition can be diagnosed, treatments and preventive measures will be discussed extensively.