Setting Boundaries with Parents: Why And How to?


No matter your age, parents will still try to be parents. They often tend to forget or not care that you are now an adult who can make decisions and live how you decide to.

They may:

  • Offer advice that you don’t need and didn’t ask for
  • Comment on your scattered apartment every time they visit
  • Try to enforce bedtime, food choice, or exercise [1] habits

In most cases parental over-involvement comes from a good place, however, that doesn’t make it okay. Parents sometimes find it difficult to detach themselves from their children and allow them to live their life after leaving home.

They could also have some trouble giving up control. Many parents cling to the belief that they know what’s best for their children even after those children have entered adulthood and have their own families.

It becomes unhealthy and can cause issues between the child and parents when parents repeatedly challenge the limit their child sets or ignore them outright. Your parents’ disregard for your needs can cause tension and emotional distress, and eventually result in lasting damage to your relationship.

Setting boundaries with your parents and ensuring the boundaries are respected is not always easy and can be terrifying. Continue reading to learn how to set boundaries with your parents.