Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment Options

Symptoms of social anxiety disorder

Some people genuinely enjoy other people’s company and look forward to being in large crowds. For those who have social anxiety disorder, however, this can be a different story.

Getting along with others on a social level isn’t always easy if you have social anxiety or social phobia. It can even be downright frightful.

Self-consciousness, excessive worry, and fear about social situations might be symptoms of social anxiety disorder. You might worry about being criticized or humiliated in public.

Moreover, social interaction might have bodily side effects like:

  • sweating
  • trembling
  • quick heartbeat
  • nausea [1]
  • flushed
  • breathless

Social anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life, but it can have an impact on how you interact with people at work or school. You can manage the disease and improve your social comfort with treatment.

Here are a few approaches to treating social anxiety.