Loss of Taste: Causes and Treatments

What Does Loss of Taste Mean?

Most people do not see food as just a means of energy provision, they see food as something they want to savor. They want to taste how delicious it is. People have taken the sense of tasting for granted and as a result have engaged in habits that are unhealthy to their taste buds. Some people are born without the ability to taste, while in some people, it develops as a result of external factors.

Loss of taste could also be temporary: patients are able to taste after receiving adequate treatment. It could also be permanent, but it is very rare. The medical terminology for complete loss of taste is ageusia. Dysgeusia [1] is the term used to describe incomplete loss of taste.

Understanding the causes of loss of taste is very important. Recent cases of taste loss have been related to COVID-19. Any sudden loss in taste should be reported to a doctor. There are other factors responsible for taste loss and we will be talking about them in this article. We will also discuss treatments that can be given to treat taste loss.