Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS)

What Are the Modifiers of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis?

Primary progressive multiple sclerosis can be classified with four modifiers.  They include:

  • Active with progression is PPMS with exacerbating symptoms and relapses. It also involves new MRI activity and is accompanied by worsening disability.
  • Active with no progression is primary progressive multiple sclerosis with MRI activity or relapses. It does not involve worseninving disability.
  • Inactive with progression is PPMS with no MRI activity or relapses, but with exacerbating disability.
  • Inactive with no progression is PPMS with no worsening disability, MRI activity, and relapses.

A main feature of primary progressive multiple sclerosis is the absence of remissions. It is impossible to get back the functions you lost when you had PPMS. In some cases, it may seem like your symptoms are reducing or your disability is improving but they are actually not.