Osteoporosis Exercises: Stay Active the Safe Way

Osteoporosis is a condition associated with the bone. It’s a disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone tissues or makes too little. In some individuals, there is both a loss of bone and low development of bone tissues. This condition results in the bone’s weakness, which may ultimately lead to breakage from a fall. In severe cases, the bone may also break from minor bumps or slight squeezes.

In simple terms, the word Osteoporosis also implies porous bones. When the bones of individuals with this condition are inspected under a microscope, it appears like a honeycomb. Individuals with this condition will find exercise helpful due to the strengthening [1] of bones and overall body balance. However, it’s imperative to consult a doctor to know which activities are best due to physical constraints and age.

Exercises Best for Bones

Several exercises are beneficial to the body, but some are not good for the bones. Some examples of the practices that can build healthy bones include weight-bearing exercises and more. When an individual performs these exercises, there is a challenge to the muscle strength against gravity and putting pressure on the bones. Due to this, there is a production of added tissue to build stronger bones. Some exercises like swimming or walking may help the heart and lungs but may not ultimately benefit the bones.

Here are some of the highly beneficial osteoporosis exercises: