Common Insomnia Symptoms

Insomnia [1] is one of the most common type of sleep disorder. [2] Healthy sleep of a person should take about 7-8 hours a day, and its normal course occurs at night and is replaced by wakefulness in the daytime. The hours of cheerfulness should fall on the time of business activity, this is required by the social construct of most individuals. In the case when a person does not get enough sleep at night, during the day he/she is unable to concentrate and work well. This is most pronounced among intellectual workers. Concentration is also impaired, which increases the risk of injury and accidents. Chronic insomnia is the most dangerous type of sleep disease since it has a negative effect on the human body and its reactions.

Such a disorder in the standard manifestation is expressed in the absence of sleep at night. In this case, the patient has the intention of falling asleep, but he or she does not succeed. Medicine treats sleep disturbance in the form of insomnia much more broadly, paying attention not only to the duration of sleep, but also to its quality. A person who often wakes up often does not get enough sleep and by morning suffers from insomnia. This also includes difficulties in the process of falling asleep. Falling asleep within 15 minutes maximum is considered normal, while sleep disturbance extends this period by several hours.

Very early awakening in adults is a type of insomnia. This also includes post-traumatic disruptions – fatigue after a whole night of sleep, weakness and lethargy.

The major symptoms of insomnia are listed below.

Sleepiness during the Day

The major manifestation of insomnia is the inability to sleep at night and this can inadvertently cause daytime sleepiness. As seen above, the patient often has the intention of falling asleep, but he or she is unable to fall asleep in the night. Other manifestation is frequent wakefulness in the middle of the night as well as disturbed sleep. As a result of tis, the individual is unable to get any sleep at all and end up sleeping in the day time.