Common Insomnia Symptoms

Fatigue and Tiredness

Lack of sleep will most times, cause extreme fatigue and lethargy. [3] A more apt definition of what people with insomnia feel is fatigue. They seem to feel more exhausted than sleepy, even though they’re sleep deprived. You could find it difficult to sleep if you have insomnia. In general, people with insomnia see a doctor because of discomfort, fatigue and low functioning during the day, and not because they have difficulty falling or staying asleep.


Irritability consists of an exaggerated increase in stimuli from the environment and a low tolerance for discomfort. [4]

Among the most common symptoms related to irritability, we have low impulse control and emotional lack of control. The person tends to overreact to stimuli that other people can tolerate better. There is a personal wear, a feeling of intolerance, and that for small reasons the person can explode. The person tends to become cranky and to distance himself from people.

Irritability may or may not be accompanied by bodily symptoms, such as dizziness or vertigo, cold sweats, tachycardia.