6 Common Symptoms of An Enlarged Spleen

An enlarged spleen will display its enlargement in varying ways. These symptoms help your doctor to know when your spleen has been enlarged so the cause of the enlargement can be treated. It is also important to note that these symptoms vary between patients as individuals who have an enlarged spleen due to cancer may display different symptoms from people whose enlarged spleen is caused by another infection. Here are some common symptoms of an enlarged spleen:


You will feel pain in areas around your left rib cage close to the location of the spleen. This pain may sometimes spread to the left shoulder but this isn’t always common. Some patients may not experience pain although they might feel serious discomfort or fullness of the left side of their rib cage [1]. This is a result of the spleen pressing on the organs around it. Deep or heavy breathing may cause the patient to feel pain which usually means the infection has gotten way worse. This pain may sometimes vary in intensity and can be quite intense the more severe the enlargement becomes.