When Do Babies See Color?

Babies are not born blind but their vision is not fully developed at birth. They can see things, but not clearly. They are able to see colours but their brain is not able process it and tell the differences between various colors. Identifying colors becomes easier for them as they grow. Read on to find out about the first set of colors they are able to see and how to know if your child cannot identify colors.

The Vision of Child at Birth and a Few Months after Birth

The vision of a child at birth is poor and they are very sensitive to light. They develop the ability to tell differences between light and dark before they are born. This ability is important as it helps to regulate the amount of light touching their retina [1].

At birth, they have a poorly developed color vision and can hardly tell the difference between different colors. They are able to see colors but their brain is not able to distinguish these colors.

Few months after birth, the vision of a child begins to develop and they are able to perceive colors. Their retina develops too as they grow and this reduces their sensitivity for light. Along with the development of their retina, their pupils [2] also widen which allows for more light into the eyes.

As your child develops, they begin to identify differences between colored objects and become attracted to brightly colored objects. This ability to perceive colors is still not fully developed.