White Curds in Baby Poops: What It Means and What You Can Do?

White Curds in Baby Poops

Do you find a strange white color in your baby’s poop? First step; don’t panic. When it comes to poop, any strangest color can be a reason for concern. As an adult, we all poop right and wouldn’t even be shocked at the strangest color changes in it, but when it comes to baby poop it is a whole series of normal textures and colors. White curds in baby poops are mostly bits of undiluted milk fat from your baby’s formula or your breast milk.

White curds in your baby’s poops are a normal response to breastfeeding, slightly undigested food, and breast milk which forms white chunks in stool or poop. It could also result from illness, food tolerance [1], and allergy for formula-fed babies and toddlers.

Once your baby grows a bit older and starts to eat solid food, you might spot a few undigested food particles in their stool. This can happen if they have been eating food that is difficult to digest like vegetables with high fiber [2] or corn.

Your baby’s bowel discharge (poop) tells a lot about their health, which is why parents must pay attention to what color their baby’s stool is, understand what is normal and what is not. White curds in a baby’s poop are usually on a normal spectrum.

A sudden change in poop can as well mean that your baby is fighting an illness. If this occurred after or suddenly you change the formula to a new one, you should visit your doctor.