Breastfeeding Positions And Tips For Mom And Baby

No matter how many times you’ve had a baby, it is always going to be an exciting experience. It is a process that is filled with many pleasurable memories.

According to experts, one of the most intimate activities a mother can do with her child is breastfeeding. It facilitates deeper bonding and helps provide the necessary nutrients needed for your baby’s development and growth. However, there is no particular way to breastfeed a child. Experts advise mothers to identify and explore multiple positions when breastfeeding your baby.

What happens if your breasts are large or small?

Your personal preference determines which breast position you engage in. Experts advise mothers to try all positions to choose which one works for them. If you have a big breast, it would help to hold on to your breast anytime you breastfeed your baby. This is because it is usually more difficult for a baby to hold the weight of the breast in their mouth?