Low Body Temperature in Babies: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention


The temperature of a baby is quite similar to that of an adult, and it can change rapidly depending on various factors, such as the activities the baby undergoes, how the temperature was taken, and the time of the day. Generally, when the temperature of a child is measured with the use of an oral thermometer in the early hours of the day, it can be as low as 35.5OC and when taken later in the day, it can go as high as 37.7 OC.

However, measuring with an oral thermometer is not quite as accurate as the child can’t hold the instrument under their tongue. With the use of a rectal thermometer, the child’s body temperature should range between 36 OC and 37.9 OC in the morning and night, respectively. In a situation where a child’s temperature is below 35 OC, then such a child is said to have hypothermia [1] which can result in death. Let’s take a look at some of the causes, treatments, and prevention of low body temperature in babies.