How to Drink without Getting Drunk

Your nephew’s third birthday party, Mother’s Day brunch, and a happy hour with new coworkers (and your boss) are just a few occasions when you might wish to have a drink (or three) without slurring your speech or retelling the same tale 20 times.

For your benefit, it is entirely possible to consume alcohol without becoming intoxicated.

Recognize Your BAC Sweet Spot and Remain There

You should try to keep your blood alcohol content (BAC) under 0.06 percent if you want to drink and not get wasted.

The “sweet spot,” also known as the “green zone,” is 0.06 percent blood alcohol content because it allows you to enjoy social drinking’s positive benefits without simultaneously experiencing its drawbacks.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about driving in the United States, the legal limit is 0.08 percent (more on that later).

Being below.06 percent can help you feel more at ease and social. You may feel buzzed and your judgment may be slightly clouded, depending on your tolerance, but you won’t be stumbling or mumbling.

Additionally, you’ll be able to sleep better and prevent a terrible hangover the following morning so you can continue with your day.

You can establish a drink limit by using a BAC calculator to see how much you can consume while still staying inside the legal limit.