Rhonchi and Rales – What to Know About Lung Sounds


Breathing is one of the most important activities done by your body. It is impossible to live without inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. The exchange of gases makes vital organs such as the Brain, Kidney, and Liver function correctly. The absence of oxygen can result in organ malfunction or death in a short time.

Over the years, several technologies such as computed tomography and X-rays have been created to help diagnose issues that affect the lungs. Studies show that one of the best ways to diagnose lungs condition is to listen to your lungs with a stethoscope (auscultation). The lungs consist of five sections. In a normal state, the sections have equal and audible sounds. The five areas of your lungs are:

  • Right upper lobe
  • Right middle lobe
  • Right lower lobe
  • Left upper lobe
  • Left lower lobe

When you hear strange sounds or don’t hear a typical sound, you have issues with your lungs. Abnormal breathing sounds are extra or odd sounds recorded with a stethoscope during breathing. They are also known as adventitious lung sounds.