Sweating Out a Cold: Does it Hurt or Help?

Is Sweating out Cold Effective?

The idea behind sweating out cold is that it enables the cold to go away faster. People then use heat, exercise, or things that make us sweat when they have a cold. Sweat also referred to as perspiration is when there is a secretion of water from sweat glands in your skin. It is a natural mechanism that helps your body cool down.

When there is a rise in body temperature your nervous system sends a signal to your sweat to secrete water onto your skin. It then causes a cooling effect when the sweat eventually evaporates. Sweat comprises mostly water, but includes other substances like vitamins and electrolytes.

There are various methods used to sweat out the cold, although it has proven to temporarily relieve symptoms of cold, they don’t make you recover faster. There is no exact cure for the common cold. It will take for your immune system to fight the cold before you recover, this usually takes between seven to ten days.