9 Effective Treatments for Cold

What Do We Know About Cold?

Common cold, also referred to as cold, is an infectious disease that affects organs like the throat, nose, and every organ in the upper respiratory tract. Colds are majorly viral infections; therefore, antibiotics cannot be made better by antibiotics [1], and the virus mainly responsible for causing cold is called rhinovirus. Depending on how complicated the cold is and how fast treatment is given to affected patients, colds don’t usually last long; they mostly last 3 to 8 days, but on some occasions, they last as long as 14 days.

Common cold can also be caused by excess exposure to cold weather; they are usually innocuous, even though they don’t always feel harmless. The common cold is more regular in children between six months and two years than in adults. Medical treatment is usually not needed for a common cold, but if the affected individual doesn’t get better, you should see a physician.

Common cold symptoms reveal themselves gradually, and they are; a congested nose, sore throat, muscle pains, coughs, inability to taste or smell, abnormal increase in temperature. These symptoms are constant in adults and children. However, they persist longer in children.

There is no permanent cure for the common cold; studies have shown that healthy adults catch a common cold at least 2-3 times a year. Like every other disease that needs to be treated, various ways have proven effective in taking care of patients with the common cold.

These treatments include: