Why Are My Veins Blue and Green?

What to Know about Veins

The color of the blood inside your veins is dark red. So, many people wonder why the veins look blue or green through the skin instead of red, the color of the blood.

Vein is among the types of blood vessels. The other types of blood vessels are capillaries [1] and arteries [2]. The purpose of the blood vessel in the body is to help transport blood and nutrients throughout your body.

Specifically the job of most veins in the body is to carry oxygen-depleted blood from bodily tissues back to your heart. While your pulmonary artery brings your blood to your lungs, for it to receive a fresh supply of oxygen. Your arteries then carry the oxygenated blood to your tissues and organs.

In this article, we’ll explain and discuss why veins can look green or blue, especially through lighter-colored skin. We will also be answering some popular questions regarding the vein and discuss detail about vein symptoms that require medical attention.