Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Supplies?

What Parts of Medicare Take Care Of Diabetic Supplies?

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B usually covers screenings, diabetic goods, and sensitization to control your condition. Part B. Sometimes cover over 75 percent of the expenses. You can access medical, nutritional treatment, and preventive methods without coinsurance costs, deductibles, and copays.

The services needed to prevent and control diabetes can be covered by Part B. These services include:

  • Self-testing equipment such as test strips, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), blood glucose test strips, and lancets
  • Insulin pumps and insulin are used with the pump
  • preventive tests to observe sugar levels in the blood. You can do the tests twice a year.
  • Sensitization and training on controlling diabetes [1]
  • Foot tests after six months. Part B also offers shoe inserts and unique shoes for the condition.
  • Different kinds of cataract surgery, diabetic retinopathy testing, macular degeneration screening, and glaucoma testing. [2]
  • medical nutrition treatment