Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infection


Ear infection can be pretty common among dogs, and this is because many dogs are prone to ear infections, especially dogs with long, floppy ears. For this reason, many dog owners are probably familiar and should be conscious of the symptoms of dog ear infections. There are many reasons why a dog could get this infection, and it sometimes could be unavoidable in a dog. Some of the causes include the build-up of bacteria, allergies, and the most common ear mites. It is essential to treat your dog immediately if you notice any symptoms because the infection can be painful and could spread more.

It is best to take your dog to see a vet doctor immediately you notice even the slightest sign of the infection or any discomfort in your dog. There are majorly three types of dog ear infections [1]; although their symptoms are pretty similar, they may be treated differently. Dog ear infection can be a severe condition that has complications of resulting deafness or facial paralysis. Once these results in these complications, it becomes a lot more challenging to treat them. This is why it is best you start treatment as soon as possible.

If unable to visit the veterinarian, there are some home remedies that you can try to manage the condition until you can see the vet doctor. Here are some home remedies for dog ear infections.