10 Solid Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Which would you rather have as a pet a dog or a cat? Ask this question in any gathering of animal lovers and be ready for a heated argument. Most people just pick one they are either a dog lover or a cat lover it rare to see both a dog and a cat in a home. However, some people do like them both. Generally speaking, the dog community is definitely larger than that of the cat.

If we are to have this conversation again, I would say there are definitely more reasons why one would prefer a dog to a cat. Here are solid ten reasons why dogs are better than cats.

Dogs Help to Prevent Asthma and Allergies

Based on the study in mice it is said that children that are exposed to “dog dust [1]” may be at lower risk of developing allergies and asthma at any point of their life. Apparently dog dust is said to contain some microbes that influence the number of immune cells in your airway that respond to allergens.