How Soft Drinks Affect Your Teeth?


Soft drinks or sodas are commonly taken, sometimes too often. Before taken another today why don’t you stop to think for a minute about the harm you could be causing to the teeth? Excess intake of high-sugar soft drinks is associated with a lot of health conditions including obesity [1] and type 2 diabetes [2].

Soft drinks can also affect the teeth. The sugars in soft drinks interact with bacteria in one’s mouth to form acid. This acid is what attacks the teeth and causes ill effects. You should know that there is also acid in both regular and sugar-free acids, so the total reaction in the mouth which could last for 20 minutes can cause damages. The more often you take soft drinks the more your teeth are under attack.

These ill effects include cavities and visible tooth decay. The illness is more common in men, this is because according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) [3], men are more likely to drink soda and sugary drinks. The study has shown that teenage boys drink a number of soft drinks or soda and get about 273 calories from them per day. The number goes down slightly to 252 calories in their 20s and 30s.