Tattoo Aftercare: Everything You Need To Know

A tattoo is a personal and permanent artwork, it is also referred to as a type of wound.  Tattoo aftercare is compulsory if you want to maintain its beauty for a long time. A tattoo is more than just a piece of art and a way to show your style. It is also a medical procedure, because the artist draws with ink beneath the skin, using a needle.

Opening the area where the tattoo is drawn leaves the skin susceptible to scarring and infections. Taking good care of your tattoo can prevent serious infections and allow the tattoo to heal completely. The artists and tattoo bearers play equal roles in maintaining the tattoo.

How to take care of your tattoos

The process of caring for your tattoos starts immediately after the artist is done. These are a few tips to help take care of tattoos:

Cover it up

After the artist is done with the tattoo, a thin layer of antibiotic ointment, jelly, or moisturizer is placed over it and covered with a bandage or plastic wrap. This covering aims to protect the area from bacteria. It also prevents the tattoo from sticking to your clothes and getting irritated.

It is important to leave the covering on the tattoo for a long time (as long as the artist recommends); it could be just a few hours. The length of time required for the covering to stay on the tattoo depends greatly on its location and size. The covering also helps to absorb any fluid or excess ink that escapes from the tattoo.