7 Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

The seven stages of the disease

Stage 1 – before symptoms appear

The changes in the cerebrum that are identified with Alzheimer’s start before indications are recognizable. This time frame, frequently called ‘preclinical Alzheimer’s disease’ [4], likely starts 10 or 15 years before individuals have symptoms. As of now, there is no treatment for this preclinical stage, however, we trust later on that there will be drugs that can stop the advancement before individuals have side effects and forestall the illness. Since the danger of Alzheimer’s advances with age, it’s imperative to stay aware of customary essential consideration visits to take into account screening to distinguish the most punctual indications of infection. On the off chance that you notice your loved one’s psychological capacities starting to slip, that may mean they’re entering the second phase of Alzheimer’s infection.