How to Sleep with Asthma: Positions and Tips

3 best sleep positions for asthma

Lie on your back with your head elevated and your knees bent with a pillow under your knees.

Sleeping on your left side may be too much for you. If sleeping on your back with your head and shoulders elevated by a pillow is more comfortable, you can place another pillow under your knees. Placing an extra pillow under your knees may boost blood circulation [1] and keep your body stable during the night. This will ensure you don’t slip out of your elevated position while sleeping.

Lie on your back with your shoulders and neck elevated.

You can elevate your neck and shoulder with two, three, or more pillows. This will ensure your airways are opened to allow you to breathe properly when sleeping. For people whose sinuses drain better at night, placing a pillow under their shoulders will boost the drainage via gravity and ensure breathing is seamless while sleeping.