4 Common Symptoms of Tree Pollen Allergy

Also known as spring allergy, tree pollen allergy is a type of hay fever that is caused by inhaling pollen. This type of allergy is most common at the beginning of spring when trees start producing pollen. It continues throughout the season and the symptoms can be very uncomfortable.

Tree pollens are powdery and fine particles carried by the wind during this season. Even if you have no trees around you, you may still suffer from this allergy. These pollens are very light and can travel miles in the air. You develop allergy symptoms when you inhale these fine particles or they come in contact with body parts like your eyes. This article discusses the symptoms of tree pollen allergy.

Itchy eyes, ears, nose, and throat

Tree pollen allergy can affect you in many ways, depending on how sensitive you are to pollen. You may develop itchiness [1] in your eyes, ears, throat, and nose. Itching may be mild or serious. Satisfying the urge to scratch may only worsen your symptoms. If you scratch too hard, your risk cutting your skin and exposing yourself to bacterial infections from your nails.