7 Symptoms of Torn Meniscus

Can’t Straighten the Knee

Bucket handle tear of the meniscus tear may make it impossible to straighten the knee completely. Bucket handle tear makes it feel like there is something stuck within the knee joint. This occurs because the broken portion of the meniscus flaps through the joint, gets stuck within the knee joint and blocks the full range of motion.

When the knee motion is blocked by the meniscus flap, straightening of the knee then becomes impossible and painful.

Tenderness of Joint

Often, the knee joint line get tender in the case of meniscus tear injury. The joint line tenderness test is used to check for meniscal injury-related sensitivity. [8] This test may be used if the patients feel a localized pain at the medial or lateral part of the joint, primarily due to the pathology of either the cartilage of the articular surface or the medial or lateral meniscus. Therefore, the joint line tenderness test is often employed in diagnosing meniscal tear.

Meniscal tears are extremely common injuries to the knee. With proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, patients usually recover their performance after sustenance of the injury. If you feel pain and tenderness in your knee after a previous popping sound sign, it may be best to visit your physician for diagnosis.


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