Common Treatments for Hernia

Home Remedy

Home remedies do not exactly cure hernia but they can help alleviate the symptoms. This therefore means that home remedies should be used as a temporary measure till permanent and long term solutions are implemented.

Changing your diet slightly can help relieve you of your symptoms. Avoiding heavy meals and sleeping immediately after meals can help relieve symptoms of hiatal hernia [3]. Also, avoiding tomato based and spicy foods would prevent acid reflux. Introducing high fiber foods into your diet will improve bowel movement and aid digestion. Fiber can be found in vegetables, grains, and fruits.

Simple lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, and a bit of approved exercises (consult a medical practitioner before any exercises) can help to relieve various symptoms of hernia. While you are undergoing consultations with your doctor or seeking a second opinion, you could begin to make various changes in your diet that will alleviate you of various symptoms.