Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

What is Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a skin disorder that has different looks. It may appear small or feature boils, deeper acne-like nodules, and pimple-like bumps. It is not a type of acne, but it is commonly referred to as acne inverse. In most cases, the lesions may cause pain or discomfort in affected areas. It may also affect areas where skin rubs each other, like your groin or armpit. You may experience tracts and scars in the affected skin after the lesion heal.

In most cases, healthcare providers usually mistake the HS bumps for boils, folliculitis, and boils.It is easy to identify an HS breakout because it usually results in bumps on the two sides of your body that tend to go back to certain locations, like your groin and armpit.

Do you want to learn more about Hidradenitis suppurativa? This article explains its symptoms, causes, treatment, and other important things to know about the condition.