Movable Lump in Neck: Potential Causes and Treatment

There are several conditions that can cause a lump on your neck, it can range from a minor infection to a serious condition. Most movable lumps are not serious. If you experience a soft lump on your neck that later goes away on its own, it is probably nothing to worry about.  If you are experiencing a neck lump that persists, is more painful, and grows, it could be a sign of infection or other illness. It can sometimes be a sign of head or neck cancer. You should definitely visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Trying to figure it out on your own can be risky.  In this article, we will discuss potential causes and reasons for movable lumps in the neck, its implication, and why you should see your doctor.

Potential causes of a movable lump in the neck

A lump in your neck is not always a serious issue, it can be so tiny that you find it only by accident. It can also be big enough that you easily feel it with your fingers, while in severe cases they can be so large that you don’t have to touch it for you to know it’s there. A movable lump can imply a lot of different conditions at the same time and not mean anything. Lumps in the neck are a very common symptom of cancer [1]. However, if it is soft and movable, it most likely isn’t cancerous, but there are exceptions. For a lump to be movable means that you can easily move it beneath the skin with your fingertips.  Here are some potential causes of a movable lump in the neck.