Toenail Growth – How Long It Takes for a Toenail to Grow Back


Toenails may seem to have little importance, but play big roles in the body. They are produced from keratin (the same protein that makes up the skin and hair) [1]. Toenails protect the soft tissue under them and keep the tips of your toes safe.

Toenails are thickened protrusions of the top layer of the skin. The toenails are put under pressure daily like rubbing against your shoes, a stubbed toe, the presence of bacteria or fungi, and protecting the toe against falling objects. These situations can cause damage over time to the toenails.

It is possible to lose a toenail as a result of trauma, infection, or other scenarios. However, toenails (and fingernails) can grow back. It can take over 6 months for fingernails to grow back and over 18 months for toenails to grow back.