Common Treatments for Lewy Body Dementia


Lewy body dementia is a condition in humans. When there is a progressive reduction in mental abilities, it causes visual hallucinations, altered alertness, and attention, Parkinson’s disease. It is the second most popular advanced dementia; Alzheimer’s disease is the first. Deposition of proteins (Lewy bodies) in cells of the nervous system and regions of the brain responsible for motility and memory is the primary cause of Lewy body dementia.

Symptoms of Lewy body dementia include difficulties in walking, tremors, slow movement, improper regulation of body functions, inability to sleep, and rigid muscles.

There is no proven method to eradicate Lewy body dementia. However, most symptoms can improve with properly regulated treatments. These treatment methods have proven to be very effective in treating Lewy body dementia.

Treatments for Lewy body dementia include: