Do Seizures Cause Brain Damage?

Can Seizures Cause Injury to the Brain?

You experience brain injury when there’s damage done to the neurons, which is the net cell in the brain. The effect depends on the part of the brain affected. It can lead to a variety of different physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. Most seizures only last for a short while and do not cause damage to the neurons. However, experiencing a prolonged seizure can cause damage to the brain.

Prolonged seizures are referred to as status epilepticus [1]. 30 minutes of status epilepticus can cause permanent neurological damage, this is due to prolonged abnormal electrical activity in the affected area of the brain. Any seizure that lasts for up to 5 minutes is referred to as a case of status epilepticus. And is considered a medical emergency, which requires you to call your local emergency number immediately.

Seizures rarely cause brain damage, but some may cause some changes that could affect brain structure and cognitive function. Continue reading to find out findings based on research about this topic.