Carpal Tunnel Causes and Treatments

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a numbness in your hands resulting from nerve related issues amongst other causes. In this resource we extensively discuss the causes and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Causes

Carpal tunnel is usually caused by a pinched nerve in your wrist. Activities that demand a repeated use of your wrist can also account for carpal tunnel or CTS [1]. These activities range from frequent use of vibrating tools, manual labor, as well as playing musical instruments. This condition is usually developing slowly, it starts by a feeling of numbness on your thumbs or index fingers. If treatment doesn’t start immediately, it can extend to other fingers or the entire hand.

CTS or Carpal tunnel is used by the compression [2] of the median nerve [3] as it passes through the hands. The median nerve accounts for your ability to feel and sense your thumb, index finger, long fingers, and part of the ring finger. It also supplies the impulse the muscle needs to make your fingers work. The median nerve is located on the palm of the hands. Carpal tunnel can affect one or both of your hands. Repeated over-exercising of the wrist, and selling in your wrist is one of the causes of carpal tunnel. Other conditions that can cause carpal tunnel include thyroid dysfunction [4], diabetes, fractures, fluid retention from menopause or pregnancy, etc. Carpal tunnel is characteristic of numbness, tingling, pain, pain that travels up your arms, pains at night that do not make you sleep, and weakness of the muscle of the hands.