Stoma Diet & Hydration Advice


A stoma is simply referred to as an opening in the body. Experts advise people with a stoma to take diet and exercise seriously. You may need to make certain changes to the way you work out, what you consume (eat or drink) and how you stay active. In most cases, your appetite may reduce after the surgery. However, it is still imperative to eat because it helps to boost the recovery process.

You can return to your normal activities and the normal foods you loved before the surgery, but it is going to happen gradually. Consuming some meals may have adverse effects on your stoma, but this may occur once and your doctor would tell you to try them again several weeks after the surgery.

Eating well and staying hydrated is a big part of living life in the best way. Fortunately, you can still enjoy good food even with a stoma. You might be confused about what to eat and drink with a stoma. Your doctor may advise you to stick to a low residue diet so the bowel can recover. Then you can begin to eat the normal foods you used to enjoy before the condition.

Eating and drinking with an ileostomy or colostomy

After undergoing any of these procedures, you must avoid certain types of food because they can have adverse effects on your health. What you eat determines your output. You can eat porridge-like meals because they are easier to manage. Some foods can lead to stoma blockages, so you must stay away from them.