Atopic Dermatitis(Eczema) Symptoms

Atopic dermatitis (or Eczema) is one of the most common skin diseases. [1] This is an inflammatory skin lesion of an allergic nature, which is caused by many different factors – allergens that enter the body with food, by contact (in contact with the skin), or by inhalation. The main manifestations are skin rashes, most often in places of large folds, face, neck, and, most importantly, itching. Beginning, as a rule, in childhood, the disease becomes chronic and proceeds with periods of exacerbations.

Atopic dermatitis is a multifactorial inflammatory skin disease. Its development is influenced by heredity, disorders in the functioning of the immune system, and an unfavorable environment factor.

Appearance of Symptoms

The primary appearance of symptoms of the disease occurs under the influence of various external and internal factors, mainly in children of the first years of life. Atopic dermatitis can recur, which often leads to psychological problems in the process of personality formation and a decrease in the quality of life in adulthood.