9 Treatments Options for Eczema(Atopic Dermatitis)

Treatment for atopic dermatitis [1], also called eczema, should be guided by a dermatologist as it usually takes several months to find the most effective treatment to relieve symptoms. The main goals of treatment are to reduce itching and xeroderma. Aggravating agents (soaps, wool, extremes of temperature, low humidity in the environment, exposure to inhalant antigens, hot baths, synthetic clothes, substances irritating to the skin, etc.) must be removed. In addition, it is important to recommend cutting the nails weekly, thus aiming to reduce abrasions.

Bathing Practices

The treatment is started only with daily baths with warm water to keep the skin clean and application of emollient creams,, twice a day to keep the skin well hydrated and healthy. It is recommended to bathe in warm water (27-30 ° C) for more than 10 minutes, followed by the application of moisturizers. The bath increases the hydration of the skin while eliminating residual bacteria, scabs, and irritants. However, loss of transepidermal water can occur through evaporative losses after bathing. The application of moisturizers in the first 3 minutes after bathing is essential to maintain adequate skin hydration. Common soaps (especially those in bars, as they alter the pH of the skin) and drying the skin with a rough towel should be avoided. Liquid soaps with neutral pH and hypoallergenic soaps without fragrance can be used in a small amount.