Itchy Eyes: 16 Soothing Remedies & Prevention Tips 

An itchy eye is characterized by a feeling of itchiness or discomfort in or around the eye that makes you want to rub or scratch the affected area. Itchy eyes may result from a variety of conditions, including allergies, dryness, infections, or environmental irritants. Fortunately, a few easy DIY remedies can offer some reliefs. This article will explore 16 soothing home remedies for irritated eyes. Keep reading to discover the best remedy for your itchy eyes.

Cold Compress

A cold compress might help decrease swelling and itching feeling around the eyes. After covering your eyes with a cold water spray, wrap an ice pack, bag of ice cubes, or box of frozen food in a fresh cotton towel. For several minutes, or until the itching stops, apply the wrapped cold compress to your closed eyelids.

As soon as your eyes feel better, repeat this numerous times daily. You can switch between cold and warm compresses if it’s too hard.