Top 10 Causes of Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is a medical condition that may indicate a problem with one of the significant eye components. It may be due to challenges of the optic nerve, cornea, or retina in some cases. Many individuals with this condition may frequently find themselves rubbing, blinking, or squinting the eyes for a clearer view.

Blurred vision may not signify a severe medical condition. However, it’s vital to see the ophthalmologist because many health problems are linked to the condition. In some individuals, blurred vision affects the entire line of sight. Aside from the term blurred vision, “dim vision” is popularly known to have the same meaning.

Here are ten causes of blurred vision:


A stroke is a medical condition that may cause the vision of an individual to be blurry. This condition can cause blurred vision in one eye or both of the individual’s eyes. There are specific symptoms of stroke that can be noticed. The common signs are numbness in the leg, arm, or face. Individuals with this condition may experience difficulty walking, followed by dizziness and lack of overall body coordination. In some individuals, confusion and speaking difficulty may be prominent.

Aside from the listed symptoms, one of the significant signs also includes a sudden and severe headache. Please contact the doctor immediately once a person is noticed to have this condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) [1], the condition’s treatments are more useful three hours after the initial symptom.