Glaucoma Treatment Options

Glaucoma [1] is a condition that affects the human eye. It’s a group of eye diseases that result in vision loss due to damage to the optic nerve. Usually, the symptoms of this condition may begin slowly, and individuals may have problems discovering them. Glaucoma is known to worsen over time, and it is strongly linked to increased pressure in the eye.

Since the symptoms may be unnoticeable, regular eye checks are advised. If glaucoma is caught early, immediate treatment is needed. There’s no specific cure for glaucoma, but doctors have managed to develop specific treatment options that may help control the condition, preventing further vision loss.

Here are the different glaucoma treatment options:


In many cases, glaucoma is controlled by using an eyedrop medicine. Some of these medications are also available in the form of pills. All of the drugs used for glaucoma are primarily meant to reduce the intraocular pressure of the eye. Usually, doctors prescribe medications for daily use, you may need to use daily eyedrops for life as glaucoma is a lifelong condition.

Some of the drugs prescribed work by lowering the amount of aqueous fluid produced by the eye. However, some medications only allow better fluid flow through the drainage angle. Please note that most medications have specific side effects, such as redness, allergies, blurred vision, stinging, and irritated eyes. You need to note that some drugs cannot be combined with others because of potential drug interactions. So, it’s essential to communicate effectively with the ophthalmologist. [2]